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You want to win an important tender to provide a big customer with your goods or services, but the tender requires that your business be ISO 9001 certified or at least actively working towards ISO certification. 
Having an ISO certification is almost always a prerequisite when tendering for government and private organisation contracts. It may well make the difference between winning and losing a tender – and in a tough and competitive market you cannot afford to lose. 
Tendering has the potential to win substantial business. However, tender preparation requires significant resources. There may be little point in proceeding with a tender if you do not have an ISO certification – even if ISO certification is not a mandatory requirement, your competitors almost certainly will have certification. Most small companies are certified. 
The problem is that getting an ISO certification is a long process which can take months, even if you are a small business. Most consulting companies will take weeks or even months to develop your ISO 9001 quality system and prepare you for certification. And then there is more time to wait until the certification body does its bit. Contrary to this, our quality consultants will roll up their sleeves and work quickly to ensure that you are capable of demonstrating that you are working towards certification. This can be achieved in a matter of days – and if you are prepared to work weekends, so are we! 
In this short time, our quality consultants will develop the relevant quality documentation for you. At the time of your tender submission date, you may not be completely following this, but you will be able to demonstrate a clear path to achieving ISO certification. This, along with some other important issues which our quality consultants know by heart, will ensure that ISO certification will not be the barrier stopping you from submitting the tender. 
After you have submitted the tender, there is time for our quality consultants to complete and fine-tune your ISO quality system. Our quality consultants will also assist you in implementing and auditing your system. They will review the system performance, and then you are ready for your certification audit. 
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