#12 Article:Standardization VS non standardization

#12 Article:Standardization VS non standardization

How valuable is time for your company?

Are you in a position to discover new practices, methods and philosophies? No doubt you will not want to invest a great deal of time in doing so, besides in the times we are now there are a great deal of very good models for which to follow.

Companies in the market must operate as economically and efficiently as possible so as to provide the best possible quality at the best possible price.

For the above reasons thousands of standards have been created that can help to satisfy the needs of companies around the world. The way in which you will implement the standard or direction is entirely up to you. As long as you meet the minimum requirements of the standard, or follow the instructions, you may infiltrate into more depths and enjoy the benefits you desire.

The decision of an organization to use standardization can be compared to the decision to purchase a software.

The software may not be tailored for your company however it can help with your operations and as a result help your company be faster, more efficient and most importantly more economic. After all it’s no coincidence that readymade software’s have taken over the world market.

It is for this reason that the majority of companies in the market does not develop their own software but rather buy an already existing model.

In similar fashion the practices and methods used by companies are practical, philosophical, instructional standards offered by the market.

Why not listen to the voices of the thousands of experts who work in the designing of these standards and get their knowledge!

There are many national and international organizations that offer these standards around the global.

One of these is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) an organization with more than 240 committees TC’s. An organization with more than 40,000 members which come from more than 200 countries. An organization that has created more than 10,000 standards. Standards that can deals with products such as bolts and methodologies such as aircraft design and other various services.

The ISO organization in having an effect on all of the industries around the world market. It is no coincidence that the use of an ISO standard can improve a company’s production by 5 -8 % and above. Any such improvement could have been wasteful if there was no standardization.

More and more companies are proceeding and adjusting their operations to the ISO standards. This gives more power to the international standardization organization, and creates more trust amongst the companies within the market. This is especially important nowadays where suspicion is greater and trust is going through a test.


One of the models created by the ISO organization is ISO 9001. The ISO9001 standard is by far the most recognizable with over 1 million certified companies around the world. Impressive isn’t it? And this number is still growing.

Many companies all over the world are being certified for ISO9001.

Many companies all over the world are demanding for ISO9001 certification for their suppliers and subcontractors.

Most government organizations all over the world demand ISO9001 accreditation for their tendering.

Many countries around the world demand ISO9001 from companies to operate in the market.

Companies and government organizations agree that it is more effective to use ISO9001 as it is a more effective and economic.

All these professionals who work on a global scale having this in mind prefer to adopt an ISO standards rather than construct their own, and thus let the burden of the work for standards construction up to the thousands of experts.

After all it is their job


Best Regards,

Stelios Sakkas

Managing Director

ISO/tc176 Member