#17 Article:The Big Transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015

#17 Article:The Big Transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015

ISO 9001, Quality Management Systems - Requirements, has reached the Committee Draft stage of the revision process. Like all ISO standards, ISO 9001 undergoes a revision every seven years so as to ensure that it remains a useful tool in the market.

The Committee Draft stage (4. Draft stage) is the first consultation stages in the revision / development of an ISO standard. During this stage, the countries (ISO members) that have chosen to participate in the revision of the standard have between two and four months to form a national position on the draft and give their written comments back to ISO. Some members may decide to get input from the public to help form this national position, even though this is not the official procedure recommended by ISO.

Once the national positions have been submitted, the standard revision process follows its course. The ISO member experts continue to meet to discuss any problems or questions highlighted, until a Draft International Standard is published (5. Final Draft). The draft then goes out for public comment.

Once the draft has been finalized and accepted, it is published and the year date following the standard's number is updated (for example ISO 9001:2015). It is expected to publish the new version of ISO 9001:2008 by the end of 2015. The new ISO9001:2015 (6.ISO international Standard) would be released with a transition period given of nearly two year, before ISO9001


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