The best tool to translate, align, and manage the strategy of your Business.

It is a framework that converts strategies into an integrated system defined across four business perspectives:

  • Financial
  • Customers
  • Internal Processes
  • Learning & Growth

What is the Balanced Scorecard:

  • Balances financial and non-financial measures
  • Balances short and long-term measures
  • Balances performance drivers (leading indicators) with outcome measures (lagging indicators)
  • Should contain just enough data to give a complete picture of organizational performance… and no more!
  • Leads to strategic focus and organizational alignment.

Why do it?

  • To achieve strategic objectives.
  • To provide quality with fewer resources.
  • To eliminate non-value added efforts.
  • To align customer priorities and expectations with the customer.
  • To track progress.
  • To evaluate process changes.
  • To continually improve.
  • To increase accountability.

Benefits of Balanced Scorecard

  • Gives more understanding of your customers and best defines what is value for them
  • Focuses at strategic results and to strategies
  • Associates companies vision, Strategies, Procedures,
  • Develop a system of responsibility of personnel and ownership of jobs
  • Defines critical measure performance and strategic initiatives
  • Evaluate strategic results