Quality Management System 

The Quality Management System 9001:2015 is the way and the methods that is used in an enterprise in order to direct and check its enterprising activities that are related with the quality. Generally it includes the organisational structure with the planning, activities, resources and documentation that uses in an enterprise in order to achieve the objectives of quality and it provides consequently products and services which satisfy the requirements of her customers. 

There are various reasons why an enterprise can decide the adoption of such a System 9001:2008. Some of them are:

  • Improvement of her enterprising record and productivity.
  • Bigger focalisation in the enterprising objectives and in the expectations of customers.
  • Achievement and maintenance of quality of products and services in order to satisfies its requirements
  • Increase of satisfaction of customers.
  • Creation of confidence to the customers that the sought quality is achieved and is maintained.
  • Creation of occasions for extension in new markets and/or maintenance of share of market.
  • Certification by third independent institutions of certification.
  • Creation of occasions for competition in offers/orders where it is required.
  • Improvement of Internal organisation of enterprise.
  • Upgrade of picture and name of enterprise.