Sakis Isaias

Sakis Isaias

Before taking the decision to start the ISO9001 project there was a lot of hesitation on behalf of our company to proceed and many questions as to the benefits we would be having.
Even after the decision to start the ISO9001 projects there were doubts.
Once the project started, from the first few weeks we had entered into discipline mode and improvement mentality that allowed us to operate more efficiently.
This became more intense after the seminars that our staff attended. Unfortunately we did not pay as much attention to the project as we should (as I see it now). However, the ISO9001 project became like a puzzle where the more we progressed the more we understood it as a company.
Parallel to the ISO9001 project we had accepted the suggestion of TIMS to use their software ISOMANAGER which was created in-house by TIMS for their customers. This software gave us the automation needed for quicker results.
It was something that I personally as the director decided to implement at the beginning of the project parallel to ISO9001. The program is specialized and reinforcing PROJECT MANAGEMENT and so we control our projects better and faster. It is a specific software which can cover the whole spectrum of the company (it can also cooperate with other software systems.) 
Parallel to the project we also met regulations such as health and safety. 
We were successfully certified in April 2010 
After just a year our improvement is great. I honestly did not speculate such a great scale of improvement. In our case having the ISOMANAGER software worked together with ISO9001 greatly assisted us and made things quicker and easier.
I am glad we implemented ISO9001. I will faithfully follow advice offered by TIMS that in the next few years we will have to improve even more with more internal auditing and seminars aiming at management. We still have many more benefits to take. I always believed in the power of organization, but now I believe in it even more.

What I would do differently with the ISO9001 would be that I would pay even more attention to the project and that I would have done it earlier (chronologically). I believe proper organization is a necessary element of success.

I would like to thank TIMS for their enthusiasm and the interest that they showed in my company, their persistence in doing and completing a project correctly. I would also like to congratulate them on their level of professionalism and on their friendly approach. I hope that they remain true and professional as they are now in the global market.

With regards

Sakis Isaias
Managing Director
Kisa Machine Ltd 





The company KISA LTD was founded in 1983 and originally dealt with the repairing and maintenance of industrial equipment.
With the passing of time the needs of the market lead the company in 1990 to jump into the light metallic construction sector. 
Today the company with its experienced personnel is in a position to construct metallic frames for